Find out why our customers say some of the following:

“I have used pretty much all of the popular and expensive CAD systems, such as ProE, Solidworks, Solid Edge, Catia, Delcam products, etc, but none were as easy, or as fast as IRONCAD is. "More things just get done in less time, period!”         -Mike Walls, Senior Designer, at MicroPlanet

“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with IRONCAD. Many different fixtures and tools have been designed at Hexagon. When it comes to 3D-design, we do see a big advantage by using IRONCAD. Our experience has been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution because we don’t need to struggle with parametric relations and constraints. With IRONCAD, we can design a whole project in a single file and we also get great usage with the catalogs by dragging and dropping parts and assemblies into new designs whenever needed.”
-Patrik Kärrvall, R&D Manager Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

"Most MCAD programs hinder creativity by incorporating far too many constraints, requiring time-consuming steps that are often not required when using IronCAD. In addition, IronCAD has always included every type of tool a company would normally require; modeling, photo realistic rendering, and even animation, whereas other programs have traditionally required costly add-ons."
Dave Sulli, Manufacturing Engineer, RD Instruments

"IronCAD is a model of efficiency. Once the sale department closes a deal, the same model they built as a concept for the customer can still be used."
-Michael Able, Lakeside Cooling Tower

Skyline Exhibits dealers use IronCAD’s solutions to design exciting exhibit layouts. Skyline’s usage of IronCAD’s Design Collaboration Suite produces consistent design results, simplifies sales and minimizes design effort throughout the enterprise. Streamlined communication allows better and faster understanding! Plus, Skyline can use the finished designs in production to automatically generate material lists and assembly drawings.

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