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"IRONCAD COMPOSE™ is invaluable for anyone who needs to interrogate or display 3D solid geometry. From designers [IMAGE]and developers wishing to share a concept or idea with their extended teams to a sales person in the field developing and presenting configuration options to a client at the point of sale. Take measurements on the fly, show renderings, and even present animations all in real-time."

More than just a 3D CAD viewer, IRONCAD COMPOSE is a revolutionary new product empowering users to work share and collaborate with their company’s 3D geometry. IRONCAD COMPOSE delivers the ability to manipulate models and assemblies in 3D, Interrogate them, and even make changes to the structure and assembly, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

IronCad ComposeUsing key elements of IRONCAD’s powerful modeling capabilities, IRONCAD COMPOSE allows users to import 3D geometry, manipulate and assemble parts and even create measurements and intelligence to control how and where parts may be placed within assemblies. Once users have created an assembly, they can use IRONCAD Compose to present and deliver their concepts with realistic real-time rendering and animations, export as images or as 3D PDF’s, or even publish them directly to the web.

Using IRONCAD’s unique intuitive User Interface, the COMPOSE product can be mastered in minutes. By adding Design intelligence to parts ensures users can snap together parts easily, and more importantly following any predetermined design rules.

Cost Effectively
We believe that sharing and collaborating with 3D design data is essential in today’s fast changing world. Today with IRONCAD COMPOSE , everyone can have real time access to information wherever they are and best of all,
it's completely free.
Technical Specifications
  • Import IronCAD files and other industry standard and native CAD files.
  • Import Facet formats such as STL, VRML, 3D Studio, AutoCAD 3D DXF, TrueSpace, and Wavefront (OBJ).
  • Ability to Assemble/Disassemble Parts and Assemblies.[IMAGE]
  • Position Parts/Assemblies with Unique TriBall Utility found in IronCAD Solutions.
  • Ability to Create Measurements on Imported 3D Data.
  • Realistic and Real-time Rendering and Animation Support.
  • Export to 3D Facet Formats including 3D PDF for Extended Communication.
  • Reuse 3D Data by Using Catalog Drag & Drop.
  • Scale Imported Geometry to Fit into Designs.
  • Visually Inspect Parts/Assemblies with 3D Visual Tools Such as Hide and Section.
  • Build SmartAssembly Intelligence for Automatic Positioning of Parts/Assemblies.
  • Web Publish Data for Extended Communication and Visualization.

Download the full IRONCAD COMPOSE product today for free. In addition, we will also include a free 30 day trial of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite so you can also see the other powerful 3D modeling tools IronCAD has to offer.

Click here for more information or to download IronCAD Compose.

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