For decades users have needed to choose between working in 2D or 3D, today there is another option! [IMAGE]
Historically, designers have wanted to work in 2D. They prefer the ability to control and craft their drawings and to detail them clearly and efficiently. To these users, drafting is an art form, not merely a series of lines on a piece of paper. While the evolution of 3D modeling has made designing products easier for some, for many working in 3D is not a necessity but it is beneficial.

Today, IronCAD offers IronCAD Draft, an extremely powerful 2D Mechanical Drafting tool with an easy to learn, industry standard user interface and a unique 3D integration capability, enabling users to work in 2D but also to view, leverage, analyze, render and reference 3D model data created by suppliers, customers and colleagues.
Unrivaled Compatibility with AutoCAD
IronCADOpen, edit and save existing DWG files generated by AutoCAD® to share and communicate with design team members accurately.

3D Design Interrogation and Communication
Import industry standard  formats including ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, IRONCAD 3D, Pro/E and CATIA, along with a large variety of graphical formats to perform tasks to better verify and communicate your design projects. Multiple models can be imported to b [IMAGE]uild assemblies, verify interferences and to communicate the 3D representation to customers using realistic rendering and animations. Build your own custom catalog components to quickly assemble and communicate products in real-time to potential customers to help to visualize their projects upfront. In addition, leverage the 3D data with full

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