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INOVATE™ XG is a low cost, easy to use 3D desktop product for creating, modifying, interrogating and communicating 3D designs. It is the ideal 3D design collaboration tool from concept to production. Its radical drag-and-drop 3D environment delivers unmatched ease-of-use, speed, design flexibility and power making it the most productive 3D concept design and communication tool available. INOVATE bridges the gap between today’s viewer technology and a full blown CAD seat. It is perfectly suited for situations where 3D design concepts have to be verified prior to being committed to a formal detail design process. It allows the quick exploration of 3D design concepts and the communication of those ideas through photo-realistic images and realistic motion animations as part of the collaborative process.


IronCADThe integration of powerful, high-end visualization and animation technologies into the core of INOVATE makes the entire design process faster, more productive, and easier to understand. Real-time detail representations such as texture, bump, and decal mapping are fully integrated to save time and valuable data space. Effective communication to all contributors, at every phase, enhances collaboration and speeds the product development process.
In addition to the visual realism, INOVATE allows models to be set in motion
with the addition of SmartMotions™. SmartMotions are pre-created drag and drop key frame animations with editable paths providing truly realistic motion. Once created, the animations can be shared with others as animated GIF or AVI files.
The advanced visualization functionalities of INOVATE are
very useful when presenting a design to a customer. With
INOVATE I can show the customer an exact rendering ofthe final product. This is crucial when presenting designs to potential customers before prototypes are available.”

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