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IronCAD's Hyper-Operability

Ironcad Trans Hyper Operability
With IronCAD's Design Collaboration Suite, engineers communicate more freely. Dual ACIS and Parasolid kernels allow precise, error-free import and export of native SAT and X_T files, as well as common file formats like IGES, CATIA V4 and STEP. Add the low-cost TRANS bundle and even access native formats such as CATIA V5, Pro/E Granite, UG/NX, SolidWorks and Inventor.

Use IronCAD's Design Collaboration Suite to facilitate an open exchange of ideas and to refine projects. Share work between designers in the office or customers in the field regardless of what CAD program they use. Take advantage in both IronCAD and INOVATE to edit almost any imported files without recreating geometry by using direct face modeling or adding new intelligent 3D parts from standard component catalogs -- a perfect fit for suppliers who work around other engineer's designs. IronCAD's Design Collaboration Suite has the most complete set of data translators to allow both faceted and solid geometry to interchange with all leading systems.

Explore additional capabilities on Imported Geometry to meet design requirements. Polygonal formats can be converted to solids with planar and curved surface fitting and then modified as any other solid data on demand. Automatic feature recognition can identity and create features on imported data. Supported feature types include: blends, face-based IntelliShapes, extrude IntelliShapes with profile reconstruction and draft recognition.

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