What's New in 2018

IronCAD is pleased to announce the latest release of the industries fastest and easiest to use 3D design solutions: IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, IRONCAD COMPOSE, and our Native Translator. Many customer driven feature enhancements have been implemented in this latest version.


IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2017 New Features

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Large Assembly Performance

    Graphical Interaction
New capabilities have been added to enhance graphical interaction with large data sets to boost performance in ranges such as 10x increase. IronCAD provides the ability to add realism to designs using the Smart Paint settings for such things as reflection, textures, decals, etc. However, these settings can impact the overall performance when dealing with large data sets. In the background settings under realistic, dynamic mode, a new option has been added for Simplified Model Surface Display which will optimize IronCAD rendering performance.

    Mechanism Interaction
When dealing with large data sets, new options in the mechanism mode are available to improve the performance so you can test the range of motion of your designs. Controls have been added to limit the collision detection to the dragging object and/or the moving objects. This reduces time attempting to calculate the entire modeling environment for collision.

    Drawing View Creation Performance Improvement
IronCAD “draft”-based view creation has been enhanced to bring a 30% reduction in the view creation time. This improvement has an impact on both creation and view update which can reduce the overall detailing design time.  

Sharing & Collaboration

   Shrink Wrap Utility
3D Smart Dimensions can now be placed on the 2D Shaped Elements as reference information or to refer the 2D Shape from other objects (3D Elements). This is needed when designing and referring to a 2D Shape.

    Multi-Platform Web Viewer
Share your designs across any device with our new 3D Web Viewer, which supports viewing and tree navigation in any browser supporting WebGL. Export designs to a local drive or save to a web server location to share the lightweight graphical model with colleagues and collaborators.

    Support for Latest Kernel, Solver and Translator Formats
IronCAD’s core systems have been updated to support the latest improvements in the modeling, solving and Native Translators. With the latest release of the IronCAD DCS, you will have access to the following versions of CAD file formats using our Native Translators.

CATIA V5: V5R8 – V5–6R2017
Pro/E (CREO): 16 – Creo 4.0
UG NX: 11 – NX 11.0.0
Inventor: V11 – V2017
SolidWorks: 98 – 2017
SolidEdge: V18 – ST9
Improved Usability

   Quick Sketch Creation
New improvements have been made to streamline the user experience. One example is when creating a sketch in an empty scene, in one click the command will create a sketch in the scene ready for you to work instead of entering various placement options.

    Quick Feature Creation
In addition to the sketch creation improvement, Features such as Extrude and Spin will be streamlined to start with the sketch in the scene without entering the placement options.

The Mirror Feature command now supports selecting a point on a linear edge as the mirror plane.

You can now use the Mirror Feature to mirror bends and other objects in Sheet Metal. When selecting on a stock edge for the mirror plane, the tool will automatically find the "real length" of the stock to properly mirror (needed since bends with in/out settings will consume stock).

The Sheet Metal Pattern Feature has been improved to support patterns on Sheet Metal. For example, a user may create a small bend segment and pattern it along the length of the stock to create a hinge type bend.

Quick Production Drawings

    Quick View Creation from 3D Scene
A new utility to create drawings/sheets of all objects in the scene called “Bulk View Creation” has been added to dramatically speed up the detailing process of a design. Select the objects to create a drawing for, define to create a new drawing or sheet, select a layout template to use, and press go. Now all the base drawings are created and simply move directly into detailing the drawing!

    Pre-Defined Drawing Template Support
Templates can now be saved with views, view settings, and text- and view-based BOM that can be used in the “Bulk View Creation” utility. Use these templates to quickly populate a drawing of your selected parts based on predefined view orientations and sales. Have BOM associated to a view automatically update. The only thing left to do is to create the annotations.

    Copy Sheets to New Drawings for Common Drawing Reuse 
Standard part drawings are commonly used across multiple drawing sets and packages. Entire sheets can now be copied into other existing drawings to complete your drawing package. Simply right-click on the sheet labels and select “Move/Copy.”

Draft Environment Improvements

    3D Interface Ribbon Bar Improvements
Within the 3D Interface Ribbon Bar, the dimension commands have been added to reduce time toggling between ribbons during the detailing process.

    Visible Weld Bead
A new tool to create a weld bead along a curve has been added, including V-butt welds and fillet welds.

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